Red Onion - Tor-powered web browser for anonymous browsing and darknet App Reviews

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Highly recommend this app , worth buying it.

Fresh onions!

No tears.


Now I hired a hitman without getting arrested and watched porn at school this is a perfect app.

Best TOR browser!

very fast. very comfortable to use. i like it. and i think this is the best TOR browser for IOS


Very good app ; fast, convenient, clear

Thank you for tor

Im glad to buy this browser. It really worth it. Thank you!


Simply the best Tor browser for iOs. But if you make it awailable to listen to music while browsing, it would be even better

Security problem?

Great app, but is it really unsafe to listen music while using Tor network? Why the browser stop it?

Red Onion


So good

Totally awesome, Tor functionality in mobile.

Best App

Very best app

Awesome app

Well worth the 2$ for my privacy... Whats yours worth?


Fast and secured browser

Simplicity comes to my mind

1. Low cost 2. Connects 99% of time 3. Easy to use 4. Developer Friendly 5. Could be a little more secure but its secure enough 6. Easy access to Tor network 7.simple , download, hit app and your in motion 8. I was not forced to write review and Im not aware of a pro version but if there is I hope the developer lets me know

Nice browser

Very good browser.

Good stuff

Good app. Thank you for giving us privacy.

Feels like tor, almost

To try to help you guys out, Id like to ask for your team go to and gear around the anonymity test there. Theres not a lot to be changed, but this is the most advanced and thorough test I know of. If I think of anything else Ill let you guys know

handy tool

useful to ger rid of google facebook tracking

So fascinating


Good job fellows!

Its great to have TOR in your palm and when youre on travel. Thank you for your service in keeping people safe from snoopers and centralized oppression. Just yesterday, it was published that Eric Holder finally admitted that Edward Snowden performed a public service! Finally!!

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